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Co-Guest Editor – Anna Jeffery
Anna is the Chair of the Victorian Chapter Editorial Committee. She is a practicing architect and writer and is actively involved in many aspects of the profession. She is also a design tutor and has taught at Monash University and University of Melbourne.

Co-Guest Editor – James Staughton
James Staughton is a director of Workshop Architecture and a keen contributor to the architectural profession. He is currently Chair of the Victorian Chapter Awards Committee and has sat on various award juries as both member and chair. He is also a member of the Architect Victoria Editorial Committee and has taught at RMIT, University of Melbourne, Monash University and Deakin University.

John Gollings
John Gollings is a photographer specialising in the built environment including the documentation of both ancient and modern cities around the world. While still shooting for leading graphic designers and advertising agencies, he is considered one of the most interesting of Australia’s architectural documenters. Recently more time has been spent on longer term projects with academic or cultural significance for books, exhibitions and fine prints.

Dr Michael Spooner
Dr Michael Spooner is a lecturer at RMIT School of Architecture & Design. His first publication, A Clinic for the Exhausted: In search of an Antipodean Vitality locates the notable characters of Peter Corrigan and Howard Raggatt within a ficto-critical framework that examines the role of exhaustive methodologies in the pursuit of unbuilt architectures. His work is documented at

Peter Knight
Peter Knight works at Workshop Architecture and teaches across the undergraduate and masters programs at RMIT School of Architecture & Design. Peter’s freelance work includes 3D visualisation for architects and artists, and ongoing writing work for architecture, mountain biking and fly fishing.

Rene Van Meeuwen
Rene Van Meeuwen has been involved in the design, construction and academic industries for 25 years. Three years ago Rene started the design practice felix, a multidiscipline group which is research and practice focused, and seeks to readdress design problems through new ways of thinking about architecture and the built environment.

Samantha Slicer
Samantha Slicer’s extensive involvement with the architecture industry stretches over two decades. As a dedicated visual artist and photographer, she has defined the cutting edge of architectural illustration since the mid-nineties. Her unique style and original eye bring vitality and freshness to every new project.

Simon Whibley
Simon Whibley, principal of Simon Whibley Architecture, is an architect, educator and researcher. He practices across urban scale research and teaching in the RMIT Master of Urban Design Program, to the small scales of residential and exhibition design. His interest is in architecture that explores the relationships between the opposing contexts and qualities of urban and personal spaces.

Virginia Mannering
Virginia Mannering is a graduate of architecture and exhibition designer. She also tutors in architectural design and is a member of the Architect Victoria Editorial Committee.