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From Wilson



Wilson Fabrics has released a new PVC Free Screen Fabric designed to meet the energy saving requirements of modern, environmentally responsible building design, while offering design-led aesthetics in residential or office applications.

Trademarked Cool Blind, the fabric is made in Australia and is the latest addition to the Wilson Range. Wilson’s Cool Blind fabric remains 26 per cent cooler than PVC screens in direct sunlight, reducing the radiant heat transferred into rooms; effectively keeping the heat out.

“Cool Blind has been developed to exceed the expectations of architects, developers and interior designers. It is ideal for commercial use in offices and stylish enough to complement any hotel or home décor. With excellent glare control, the fabric creates a comfortable working environment for offices and boardrooms, in particular areas setup for audio-visual presentations or computers.”

Coolblind features and benefits include:

– Excellent glare control

– Maintains privacy while letting visible light through

– Same visual benefits as a PVC screen with reduced radiant heat transfer from the sunlight into the room

– Reduces the need for cooling, reducing the cost of air conditioning

– Available in a range of colours

– FR to international standards

– Ideal for domestic and commercial use

Wilson has also extended its locally made collections to outdoor fabrics; Wilson’s “New Traditions” Awnings Fabrics is 2800mm wide which exceeds what is currently on offer in the market

“We have taken the proactive approach of matching all our awning colours to Colorbond colours, so customers can match and coordinate their awning fabrics to their roof and window frames or any surface that they have painted with a Colorbond colour. We know how important the façade of the home is and by being able to match to a Colorbond colour or colour palette, this makes the selection of fabrics much easier for the end consumer.”

Wilson’s New Traditions coated Awnings fabric is Australian Made, environmentally friendly and durable with water and mildew resistant qualities.

– Wide Width – 2800mm

– Quality Poly-Cotton Fabric

– Australian Made

– Stock Supported

– Lead Free & PVC Free

– Mildew & Rot Resistant

– Water Resistant

– UV Resistant

– UPF 50+

– StainProtectTM Treatment

– Colours matched to Colorbond colours

“As the weather starts to heat up towards summer, consumers start to notice the extra warmth coming through their windows. This is the ideal time to remind people of the benefits of external awnings, as they stop the heat before it hits the window, greatly reducing the heat transfer into the home.”

With a history that dates back to the 1920s, Wilson Fabrics’ specialisation lies in designing and developing an exciting range of innovative decorative and functional quality fabrics for domestic and commercial purposes, inspired by global trends.