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The latest Rinnai Infinity 26 Touch hot water system offers greater energy efficiency and an enhanced design, as well as wireless temperature control.

This unit also reduces water wastage and can be used in areas that have limited ventilation while complementing a building’s exterior due to features that conceal plumbing pipework. It is a lightweight and compact alternative compared to large and bulky electric tanks.

Rinnai confirms it has added extra efficiencies to reduce the energy use required for the Infinity range of gas continuous flow hot water systems. As a result, their running costs have been decreased ensuring consumers will receive lower bills to heat water.

The Rinnai Infinity 26 Touch is the newest offering in the range and has a 6.1 star energy efficiency ranking.

In fact, the six star energy efficiency rating has been achieved across the entire range of Infinity hot water systems that includes units from 16 to 26 litres. Each comes with a 12-year heat exchanger warranty and low flow shower head compatibility.

The wireless temperature control feature offers multiple benefits from reducing water wastage to providing a safe choice for families and the elderly.

Less water is wasted because the ideal temperature can be reached easily, by a press of a button, instead of running hot and cold water taps to mix them for the sought after effect. Rinnai refers to this innovative advance as its Puretemp temperature stability technology.

As well as ensuring less water is used, the wireless temperature control also provides an important safety function. It’s possible to set a maximum hot water temperature that is safe for the elderly and children.

For children, the recommended safe option is a 38 degree maximum temperature. The wireless controller also has a child lock to ensure continued safety for younger family members.

In contrast, electric tanks are set at 60 degrees, a water temperature that can burn children. Rinnai also points to the use of gas, as opposed to electricity, as providing a cleaner source of energy.

For added convenience, four temperature controllers can be installed in a home with each set to your desired temperature. The master controller is usually positioned in the kitchen with the bathroom controllers installed as required.

The front cover of the Infinity range also features a status operation monitor and, if any problems occur, an error code is displayed to help the service technician quickly identify the issue.

Easy to install, this product is made using high quality internal components designed and manufactured in Rinnai’s high tech facility in Japan.

Weighing just 16 kg, the Rinnai Infinity 26 Touch can be installed in a recess box that conceals the water heater to preserve a neat and tidy finish to a home’s exterior. It can also be installed in areas with restricted ventilation, like balconies, because the flue gas can be directed sideways.

For an even neater finish, a pipe cover allows the plumbing pipework underneath the Rinnai unit to be concealed. And a security bracket is optional, quick and easy to install.