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The 3Sixty fall arrest anchor, manufactured by height safety specialist Sayfa Group, has proven its mettle according to established testing requirements.

Sayfa Group confirmed 3Sixty performed in accordance with the testing requirements of the AS/NZS 5532 standard, in which a 100kg weight is required to free-fall over two metres without failure of the anchor, method of attachment to the structure or the structure itself. A second requirement is a static load test of 15kN (1500kg) for a period of three minutes without failure of the system.

The company indicated the development was a timely one, with the height safety industry having seen a number of recent changes, including – along with the anchor testing requirements for manufacturers (AS/NZS 5532:2013) – the introduction of the steps, stairs, walkways and ladders standards (AS1657:2013) at the end of last year. All standards were aimed at increasing the level of performance of access and fall protection products used increasingly for the safety of construction and maintenance personnel.

“Sayfa welcome the introduction of the new standards as it ensures a high level of safety and performance of products that are required to save lives.”

Sayfa Group provides guidance to building owners and managers of their duty of care towards maintenance personnel, and assists with the selection and design of simple but effective access and fall protection systems, including maintenance and recertification of existing installations.