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Particular Library Space _Photograph Lip Hyean Cheong

Profile Particular

WORDS BY Joshua McAlister

Particular  is an urban planning, architecture and interior design studio working between Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur. This young practice was formed two years ago under the leadership of its two principals, Jonathan Lee and Nicholas Ling, working both locally and internationally to deliver small and large scale projects for clients in Melbourne, Malaysia, Cambodia and China. Particular Library Space _Photograph Lip Hyean Cheong

After two years of establishment, examples of their built work are small scale but they are growing rapidly. One example is their Melbourne office fit out which has the flexibility to be divided into many zones. They have created a space which can be broken down without losing the sense of generosity and openness. The studio space is designed as two opposing and contrasting halves: the work floor and the transformer. Half of the studio space serves as the formal ‘office’ for a team of six architects with the transformer forming the other half of the studio space.

Inspired by the micro living units in Hong Kong, the transformer space is populated with a series of track-mounted plywood bookcases which serve as storage, display units and also as dividers. The transformer is a shape shifter: highly flexible and modular without being generic, it is used as infrastructure for creating many spaces.

Working between two geographically different offices, with two cultural and political contexts, has allowed for a vibrant transference of design thinking. This can be seen as a point of difference for Particular. Their involvement in an international portfolio of projects has allowed Particular to appropriate design thinking at varying scale and typologies while building up of a cross-cultural body of ideas. An example of their international work is the Ampang Park Hotel and Luxury Residences planned for Kuala Lumpur. This multi residential tower features a mixed use component including a hotel. Particular speaks of the importance of hands-on collaboration with clients and the importance of an appropriate design response.

‘We are committed to bringing and adding value through design. We are acutely aware of a market place saturated with competing products; we understand the critical importance of design leadership. Each design response is methodically assembled and tailored to ensure that it accurately embodies, confidently reinforces and tangibly drives the values and market perception/position of our clients.

We believe and have demonstrated in practice that good ideas do not necessarily come at a premium. We work closely with our clients (private, developers, and government agencies) to develop outcomes which perform hard, provide maximum returns and are competitive.’

Particular Studio Space _Photograph Lip Hyean Cheong

Particular Studio Space _Photograph Lip Hyean Cheong

Particular Studio Space _Photograph Lip Hyean Cheong