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Co-Guest Editor – Virginia Mannering

Virginia Mannering is an architecture graduate and member of the Architect Victoria Editorial Committee. She has a long-standing interest in the themes covered in this issue, particularly phenomenology, and human occupation and experience, which she has further explored through a series of related classes she has co-taught at the University of Melbourne.


Co-Guest Editor – Vlad Doudakliev

Vlad Doudakliev is a Melbourne-based designer, writer and editor. Completing his M.Arch at the University of South Australia, he is presently working at Architectus Melbourne and sits on the Editorial Committee of Architect Victoria, building on his previous editorial role with the South Australian Chapter’s PLACE magazine. In addition to these roles, he is a freelance writer with an ongoing interest in exploring the troubled and political natures of contemporary public space.


Allen Kong

Allen Kong Architect has established strong reputation for designing sustainable social architecture. Projects have received many international awards including recognition from the United Nations, Human Settlements Scroll of Honour and International Academy for Design and Health – Salutogenic Design.


Alysia Bennett

Alysia Bennett completed her M.Arch at the University of Tasmania. Currently teaching and undertaking a PhD at Monash University, her research and studios focus on the mediation of misalignment between strategic planning objectives and the contextual realities of regional cities. She has previously worked for the Tasmanian Office of the State Architect, the University of Tasmania’s Regional Urban Studies Laboratory and BVN.


Amy Han

Amy Han is a traceuse (female practitioner of parkour) based in Melbourne. She is the author of young adult novels Breaking Jumps and Ru Dreaming, and the founder and director of Creative Write-it, which offers creative writing programs for young people.


James Fletcher & Colby Vexler

Between them, James Fletcher and Colby Vexler have studied at Monash University and the University of California Berkeley. Combined they have won the Institute’s Graduate Prize and the MADA Faculty Medal of Excellence for their M.Arch theses, worked for studios in Melbourne and Tokyo, and are currently involved in leading a ‘medium-less’ studio within Monash University’s architecture program, reinstating concept as the director of outcome over building as the assumed outcome of the architect.


Josh McCallum

Josh McCallum is a graduate of architecture and currently runs his own design practice, ‘Wholegrain Studio’. Based in Adelaide, he brings his ideas to life in his studio and workshop, designing and constructing bespoke pieces of work that channel a strong fascination of space, furniture and objects for living.


Dr Jenny Underwood & Leanne Zilka

Leanne Zilka founded the architecture practice ZILKA Studio in 2005 and is an academic at RMIT Architecture. Since settling in Melbourne Leanne has worked with a range of disciplines to uncover techniques, strategies and operations unique to architecture in order to apply new or non-architectural materials to space.

Dr Jenny Underwood is a textile designer and senior lecturer at RMIT’s School of Fashion and Textiles. Her work focuses on creating material experiences through innovative hybrid design practices and pays specific attention to 3D shape knitting and parametric design.

Leanne and Jenny work together through their collaborative practice, Fibre-architecture, to investigate the use of new fibre-based materials, textile design techniques and associated technologies.


Katie O’Brien

Katie O’Brien is a Senior Interior Designer at Woods Bagot and also contributes to multidisciplinary design firm Super Tectonics. Currently Katie is exploring the possibilities of film and installation as a means of portraying architecture and design. She also likes building things.


Kirsty Bennett

Kirsty Bennett is an architect who has pursued her commitment to improving the design of environments for people living with dementia through architectural practice, writing, research and speaking engagements. Kirsty’s architectural career has focussed on designing small scale residential environments for older people that are enabling and empowering, and she has been responsible for many Australian residential aged care facilities for people living with dementia.


Dr Matthew Bird

Dr Matthew Bird is principal of Studiobird, an architectural atelier producing a range of architectural, interior design, installation and performance design projects that have individually and as a compilation advanced a nontraditional and experimental model of architectural practice. Studiobird project outcomes and practice methodologies fuel Bird’s teaching and research as an Interior Architecture Lecturer within the Department of Architecture at Monash University.


Phillip Adams

Phillip Adams is artistic director of BalletLab, a leader in the field of interdisciplinary practice spanning dance, performance, installation, design and visual art. Phillip’s collaborative approach encompasses group and solo works, object installation, architecture and queer culture built through physical practice to the extent that choreography crosses with contemporary art and designs.


Yvonne Meng

Yvonne Meng is an architect, educator, and co-curator of the monthly PROCESS talks at Loop. Yvonne is interested in the role of public buildings in the city. After several years as an architect at the City of Melbourne, Yvonne recently established her own design practice, Von Atelier.