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Spring 2015

Victorian Chapter Council

Alison Cleary

This quarter saw the opening of two very special, and temporary, contributions to Melbourne’s built form – the delightful Summer Pavilion by John Wardle Architects at the National Gallery of Victoria, and Amanda Levete’s MPavilion in Queen Victoria Gardens. The Victorian Chapter welcomes both these projects and the programs they are presenting to the general public over the summer. This is an incredible opportunity to encourage a spirited, generally accessible and creative debate with the public around the value of good design and its impact on our built environment.

At their October Chapter Council meeting Chapter Council members identified 2016 advocacy priorities for the Chapter. The three top priorities are: Planning reform, including apartment design standards, interim CBD controls, zoning reform; Professional services, including export services, competitions and procurement; and public awareness of the value of architects and good design.

It is coming to the time of the year where both Chapter Council and Chapter President elections are held. Chapter Council elections will see five new (and/or returning) Chapter Councillors join us around the table on the first Tuesday of the month from March 2016.

Peter Malatt, current Chapter President, comes to the end of his term in Feb 2016 which means there will also be an election for Chapter President at the end of this year. Keep an eye out in Vmail for details on how you can nominate and/or vote in the elections.

Monthly Friday Night X events have continued at 41X, with Anna Maskiell presenting a superb series of speakers. As expected the coldest months saw the lowest attendance, however as the temperature has recently begun to increase, so too have numbers. Keep an eye out for details on 2016’s Friday Night X series in Vmail – your weekly Chapter newsletter that lets you know all that is on at the Institute as well as much of what is happening more widely in the profession.

As many of you will know there has been confusion surrounding the status of continued professional development (CPD) in Victoria. The Institute has been working closely with the ARBV and the Department of Planning, to clarify the status of CPD for practising architects in Victoria.

New Regulations for architects were made in May this year. Please take the time to read them and make sure that your practice complies with the requirements of the new Victorian Architects Code of Professional Conduct that are articulated in the Regulations.

The ARBV has endorsed the national model of CPD which has been in effect for some time now in NSW, WA, and QLD. This model is based on the Australian Institute of Architects / Architects Accreditation Council of Australia Joint Policy on Continuing Professional Development.

The ARBV recommends that architects engage in the national model as the preferred way to demonstrate compliance with the Regulations. Recording CPD activities via the ARBV’s website has been introduced to make it easy for architects to maintain their records, however it is not a requirement that this be used.

Of course Institute A+ members are still required to undertake CPD as a core component of their membership.


Sustainable Architecture Forum

Terence Nott

Sustainable Architecture Forum (SAF) continues to meet monthly at 6pm on the third Wednesday of the month at 41X. Recent attendances have varied between 5 to 10 members with more than 80 on the mailing list. The agenda is always full and the topics focused on varies with those attending. The range of interests around the Forum table relating to sustainability is a catalyst for in depth discussion.

SAF welcomes Jodie Mitchell, the Chapter’s new full time Continuing Professional Development Coordinator. We look forward to working with Jodie. Many thanks to past Coordinator, Belinda Strickland, for her support and dedicated work in looking after SAF. SAF farewells and thanks long time member Louise Honman, who is taking up a position on the Heritage Council and also sits on the Institute’s Heritage Committee.

Next year, SAF is planning to stage two more events in the Raising the Green Bar: Sustainable Apartments series: ‘Implementation’ and ‘Architects at Work’. Other upcoming topics include: Quality Design Overlay, Socially Sustainable Communities and Social Funding Affordability. Thanks to SAF member Rory Martin and others who organised the first event of the series titled ‘Trapped Inside the Bubble’.

Institute members are welcome to attend and contribute to SAF meetings and should contact the Victorian Chapter for further information.


Practice of Architecture Committee

Kim Irons

The updated Architects Regulation, which now include an Architects Code of Conduct has provided a great lever for the Architects Registration Board of Victoria (ARBV) to preference continuing professional development (CPD) as the best mechanism for identifying that practising architects are meeting their regulatory requirements. Not only does this encourage all architects to maintain a level of ongoing knowledge, but will reinforce to the public our professional capacity in the construction industry. Coincidentally, the Practice Committee is currently reviewing some of the Institute’s Continuum programs to identify opportunities for additional programs associated with the practice of architecture.

The Committee has also been busy preparing briefing notes for Online Ethics and Owner Supply Items; and reviewing the draft practice notes for Acumen.

Tom Jordan resigned from the Committee earlier this year and we would like to thank him for his extremely valuable contribution over the years. Albert Mo was nominated in Tom’s place, and we have also welcomed reinstatement of Karen McWilliam and Jane Cameron Finlay as Large Practice Forum and Small Practice Forum representatives respectively.

The Committee would also like to thank Belinda Strickland from the Victorian Chapter office for her commitment and support, and wish her well as she takes on a national role as Editor of the Institute’s Environmental Design Guide.


Education Committee

Diego Ramirez-Lovering

2015 has seen a number of activities unfold in the Education Committee. It continued to contribute to the national debate and ongoing discussions regarding program accreditation as well as reshaping the student competitions including the Sustainability and Graduate Prizes as well as its Student Ideas Prize.

Graduate Prize activities will be expanded through a new model which will see more interaction and dialogue between built environment practices, the professional community more broadly and the four Victorian Schools of Architecture.

The Committee had important discussions regarding the National Competency Standard in Architecture (NCSA) and its implementation through the Australian and New Zealand Architecture Program Accreditation Procedure. As a result, the Committee continued its support to the National Education Committee toward a revised Australian Institute of Architects Education Framework, the Institute’s component of the Accreditation Procedures document. The Education Committee continues to advocate and support the development of revised procedures, which combine the professional and education accreditation competencies in a more dynamic and interconnected manner.

I will be stepping down as Chair at the end of the year. I would like to acknowledge and thank the Committee for its support and hard work over the last few years. I would particularly like to thank Lachlan Macindoe from the Victorian Chapter who has been a tireless and excellent supporter of the Committee.

It has been a privilege to lead this important Institute Committee and I look forward to its next stages and an exciting future in architectural education in Victoria and in Australia more broadly.

Awards Committee James Staughton CHAIR With the 2015 Awards process now complete we look forward to the year ahead and confirm the following dates for the 2016 program:

Entries Open: Mon 7 Dec 2015

Entries Close: Sun 14 Feb 2016

Jury EOIs Open: Mon 7 Dec 2016

Jury EOIs Close: Sun 31 Jan 2016

Presentation to Juries: Sat 19 March 2016 – Melbourne School of Design at The University of Melbourne

Exhibition of Entries: TBC 2016 – Venue TBC

Presentation Dinner: Fri 24 June 2016 – TBC

We look forward to working with you all towards another successful awards program in 2016.



Yvonne Meng & Edwina Brisbane
PROCESS CURATORS 2012-15 & 2014-15

A myriad of speakers have graced the microphone at Loop on a Monday night, over the last 10 years since Process began. In that time, there have been many master curators – Simon Knott, Michael Roper, Jacqui Alexander, Tom Morgan and Angela Woda. Each person has brought their own flavour and as such, Process is continuously evolving. As our time as curators comes to an end, we are stretching our legs in writing and hope you bear with us as we lend some key findings reflective of our stint. To us, Process is about promoting a positive dialogue within the architecture community. There are a multitude of issues which face the profession, our position has been about looking forward, not back; facilitating constructive conversations, not arguments. We are not the half-time club, nor ever wanted to be. Process has a different function; to be a supportive forum for sharing ideas within our industry and sometimes beyond.

Accessible, inclusive, diverse. Our formula to a cracking event. Every fourth Monday we were conscious of inviting, wherever possible, a mixed bag of gender, age, career level, and opinions. In this sense, Process has provided emerging architects informal mentoring and access to some of the seasoned professionals on a democratic platform.

What could be done differently? The format of the night and the quick turnaround between events meant that we weren’t always able to delve too deeply into a topic. Perhaps this can be occasionally varied. There was also sometimes difficulty in finding willing female speakers outside of the usual suspects and this is something that we would like to see shift industry-wide.

We look forward to the next chapter of Process as Joe Gauci- Seddon, Lisa Gerstman, and Amelyn Ng take the reins. To stay up to date with upcoming Process topics, head to:


Are you interested in contributing to Architect Victoria?

Is your finger on the pulse of key issues impacting Victorian architects? Are you a keen writer? If so, the Victorian Chapter Editorial Committee invites you to submit your interest in being involved with future editions of Architect Victoria.

Planned upcoming themes include:

Regional: What does Victorian architecture look like beyond Melbourne?

Technology: How is technology impacting architecture, and what does the future look like?

Global v local: How is Australian architecture identifiable within the global context?

If you have a different theme you would like to explore as a guest editor, or would like to contribute an article related to any of the above topics, please get in touch by emailing: