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The Victorian Chapter received almost 200 submissions
for the third year in succession with 197 entries received
across 11 categories. Entry numbers were stable in
most categories, while numbers in the Commercial and
Residential Multiple categories were slightly down on
last year; an anomaly considering the level of activity in
these sectors. Victorians lead all other states in the way
that they embrace the Awards program, and continue to
demonstrate our commitment to design excellence and
peer review by doing so.
National Policy changes have been effected this year
to introduce the Educational Architecture category as
a separate category to Public Architecture, with the
winner receiving the inaugural Henry Bastow Award for
Educational Architecture.
The Institute’s 2015 Australian Achievement in
Architecture Awards (AAAAs) were announced on 19
March at NGV Australia’s Ian Potter Centre, designed
by Lab Architecture Studio and Bates Smart. Victorians
were well represented in the outcomes. I would like to
extend congratulations on behalf of all our members to
the following Victorians who were awarded on the night:
• Professor Emeritus Allan Rodger LFRAIA, University
of Melbourne -
Leadership in Sustainability Prize
• Bonnie Herring, Breathe Architecture and Monique
Woodward, WOWOWA -
Dulux Study Tour Prize
• Ian Close and Sue Harris, Architecture Media -
National President’s Prize
A special session of Residential presentations was again
held at 41X on the Friday evening prior to Presentation
to Juries, complementing our successful program of
Friday Night X
presentations at 41 Exhibition Street.
Presentation to Juries on Saturday 28 March was very
well attended, thanks to Monash University for their
ongoing support hosting the event at their Art Design
& Architecture faculty. The day is a great opportunity
for members and the public to see emerging and
established architects present their work in a controlled
but open and collegiate environment. The Victorian
system of openly selected separate Juries and a forum
of public presentations has now been adopted in all the
other major states, testimony to its enduring fairness
and transparency. The day is an excellent opportunity
for us all to meet up socially and form our own opinions
of the work.
On behalf of the members, thank you to all of the
Victorian staff, particularly Lucy Spychal and Alison
Cleary, to the Awards Committee led by James
Staughton and the commitment to service shown by the
Jury members and Chairs over this judging period, and
Chair of Juries Amy Muir.
The thrill of Awards night is something very special in
Victoria and supported by the entire profession. It is
always a fabulous mix of old mentors, young friends,
raucous colleagues and the industry joining as one.
It remains the biggest state Award program and the
biggest state event on the architecture calendar by
some distance, with over 800 attendees, it really is our
architecture ‘Logies’ and one of the key reasons we are
viewed as a design capital.
The Institute is our peak body for Australian architecture
and a State Award is something to be prized forever.
I still remember Six Degrees’ first, an Interior Award
in 1994 for Meyers Place, presented at the Great Hall,
NGV, and the first person up to congratulate us was our
Professor and mentor, Peter McIntyre.
Things are said, sometimes better left unsaid. Things are
done, possibly better left undone.
Glances are exchanged and liaisons flicker, sometimes
gaining strength from the cold winter wind.
Every decade or so, something really, really memorable
happens, which keeps us all turning up for a rematch.
Win or lose, it doesn’t get any better than Awards night!
Peter Malatt
Victorian Chapter President
James Staughton (Chair)
Workshop Architecture
Amy Muir (Chair of Juries)
Muir Mendes
Hamish Lyon
NH Architecture
Ingrid Bakker
Rosemary Burne
Tim Jackson
Jackson Clements Burrows Architects