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This is a company comprising of a dedicated team of specialized and skilled architects, with the basic objective to strive for giving maximum customer satisfaction.

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We aim to provides the best services in the decided time or less with focusing on our clients and their preferences.

We aim to achieve

We aim to achieve the contentment for our customers over only project completion.

We are professional

We are professional with dedicated team aiming to complete the desired outcomes of our clients with minimal expenditure, wastage, setbacks and also include innovative and extreme creativity in every step we take.

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For architects, aesthetics

For architects, aesthetics plays a huge role. Therefore, we work to include distinct aesthetics dashes in our every project, an elegant edge which makes us different from all others and help us remain the lead in industry with distinctive brand image. In every step, project and services you can come across the unique edges and detailed thought processes we include, even in our drawing and planning you can see the details which helps us reach the best in every way.

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Precision and measurements

Precision and measurements hold immense importance in the world of architecture. It also needs extensive research which usually means additional cost.

our company aims

However, our company aims to function at the optimal level and therefore, it tries its best to conduct the most comprehensive and accurate researches with ensuring minimum expenses whatsoever. .

best prices

This way, we are able to offer best prices to our customers leading us to retain more loyal customers and act in ways that reflect our values.

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How to Upgrade Your Home Without Any Major Renovations

How to Upgrade Your Home Without Any Major Renovations

All of us want to live in a place that is well designed, have modern appliances and is trendy. Take a round around your house and focus on the things that need to be updated. Hire an interior designer or a renovator who can give you ideas on what to upgrade without making any major home renovations brisbane north. Moreover, you can do some updates by yourself but, for this you need to know the basics. However, you can upgrade your home without any major renovations. You do not always have to spend a huge amount of money to change the look of your house. All you need is to be creative and product money is always a plus.

Upgrade your kitchen appliances

Kitchen is the place where most of your waking hours are spent. The more it is used the earlier it will require to be updated. Therefore, if you have a stove that you bought 20 years back or taps that you have not changed since ages, first of all, replace them. Moreover, if your appliances are getting rusted it is time to replace them. Invest in appliances that are trendy and will still remain in trend even after a decade.

Fresh new paint

One of the most effective ways to upgrade your home is to have a coating of fresh paint. Painting your overall home is going to be a great option. With the passage of time, paint becomes dull and starts to scratch. Moreover, with the trend the paint also becomes outclassed. To upgrade your house, paint your house according to your setup. Hence, if you have aesthetics you can change the overall look of the house by painting it.

Open space

Having an open space makes your home look spacious and airy. To create an open space you do not have to break down all the ways. Sometimes, removing heavy and bulky furnishing items can also create an open space. Moreover, you can also place mirrors in front of windows, by doing so the light will reflect in the room making it look more spacious. Other than that, paint also helps to make the home look spacious. Painting your home white will create an illusion and your home will look bigger.

Update the handles

Your home tends to look more old fashioned because of the outdated door and drawer knobs. Upgrade them with the latest trends. The upgraded handels literally change the overall look of the house. Moreover, there should be no excuse not to update them with time.

If you are looking for ways for how to upgrade your home without any major renovations this article is definitely going to help you. Every home after a few years needs to be renovated but it depends on you whether you want major renovations or the small ones. Moreover, you can upgrade your home by creating an open space, having a fresh coat of paint, changing the door and drawer handles and by updating the kitchen appliances. However, you can hire a renovator to figure out all these things or can simply do it yourself by being creative and productive.

Advice for Architecture Students to Make the Most of University

Before starting I ask myself and answer a question: “Who am I to give you all this advice?

In life (unfortunately) I have done and still do other than being an author on Objects . I graduated in 2015 at the Politecnico di Milano in architecture, the one with the address most linked to environmental sustainability ( Technological and Environmental Design ). At university, while I was trying to survive between one course and another, I decided to open Archiobjects first , and then, together with my friend Andrea, the magazine you are reading.

However, these were only my studies and my “pastime”, I have been working for more than two years in the international architecture and engineering studio One Works . Studio that recently took first place, surpassing even Renzo Piano , in the ranking based on the turnover of design studios in Italy.

This does not make me a guru to follow with your eyes closed or an example etc etc I have no pretensions as I write these lines, I would just like to pass you some advice that may be useful to you.

The previous question would have been “am I suitable for architecture?”, But we skip it because we are now here. So what you have to ask yourself now is what kind of architect you are. Answering this question is essential. This will allow you to better develop the skills and attitudes in which you already know you will be able to excel more.

And in the world of work knowing how to excel and stand out from others makes the difference. So try to find your way right away. Find what you like best, what you do best and work less with, and become the best.

“Be cautious in accepting advice”
Told by whoever is writing this post it may seem a contradiction, but what I mean is that you can and will have to listen to the advice and indications that will be given to you, but remember to always rework them with your head. There is no one who knows you more than yourself.

Immediately learn to use modeling programs
This I will never tire of recommending it, I already said it in the post in which I told “things I would have liked to know before enrolling in architecture” and I repeat it here. Both during the university career and in the professional journey, being proficient with the programs is not only important, fundamental, necessary, mandatory ..That’s not all, of course .. but especially at the beginning it is of great help.

How to Prepare an Architecture Portfolio. Tips and Mistakes to Avoid According to Carlo Ratti

The drafting of the portfolio is, together with the motivation letter , among the most delicate projects to be developed for an architect, because it contains in a few pages his own history, his ambitions and his skills.

This challenge, we met the architect and engineer Carlo Ratti who shared with us some valuable advice deriving from his experience as founder of the CRA studio (Turin and New York) and director of Senseable City Lab at MIT in Boston .

From his answers we have prepared a small guide to the development of the portfolio that summarizes what must be communicated and how to best structure it to be appreciated by the examiner.

For the more curious, Carlo Ratti briefly told how the selection process in the CRA studio works and what role the portfolio plays.

Carlo Ratti: “The Portfolio is like a good novel”
“There is no perfect portfolio formula”, says Carlo Ratti, “a lot also depends on the role you are applying for and the experience gained. In general, a good portfolio must be considered as a good novel, whose desire to read it grows as you scroll through the pages … In short, the story of your experiences and professional skills.

And if it is true that “a book is not judged by its cover”, it is important that the portfolio is aesthetically well presented “.

sustainability and cultural

Along with this, sustainability and cultural significance are also included in our mission. This helps in meeting the client’s demands in ways that are not just cost-effective but highly ecological too.

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