Before starting I ask myself and answer a question: “Who am I to give you all this advice?

In life (unfortunately) I have done and still do other than being an author on Objects . I graduated in 2015 at the Politecnico di Milano in architecture, the one with the address most linked to environmental sustainability ( Technological and Environmental Design ). At university, while I was trying to survive between one course and another, I decided to open Archiobjects first , and then, together with my friend Andrea, the magazine you are reading.

However, these were only my studies and my “pastime”, I have been working for more than two years in the international architecture and engineering studio One Works . Studio that recently took first place, surpassing even Renzo Piano , in the ranking based on the turnover of design studios in Italy.

This does not make me a guru to follow with your eyes closed or an example etc etc I have no pretensions as I write these lines, I would just like to pass you some advice that may be useful to you.

The previous question would have been “am I suitable for architecture?”, But we skip it because we are now here. So what you have to ask yourself now is what kind of architect you are. Answering this question is essential. This will allow you to better develop the skills and attitudes in which you already know you will be able to excel more.

And in the world of work knowing how to excel and stand out from others makes the difference. So try to find your way right away. Find what you like best, what you do best and work less with, and become the best.

“Be cautious in accepting advice”
Told by whoever is writing this post it may seem a contradiction, but what I mean is that you can and will have to listen to the advice and indications that will be given to you, but remember to always rework them with your head. There is no one who knows you more than yourself.

Immediately learn to use modeling programs
This I will never tire of recommending it, I already said it in the post in which I told “things I would have liked to know before enrolling in architecture” and I repeat it here. Both during the university career and in the professional journey, being proficient with the programs is not only important, fundamental, necessary, mandatory ..That’s not all, of course .. but especially at the beginning it is of great help.