Curtains not only help cover your Windows but also add style and privacy to your home. These can also provide extra insulation during summer and winter and help keep the room temperature at a constant. However if you do not care for your designer curtains the right way, these might end up accumulating dirt and dust. This would take away the shine from your drapes and make them look old and dirty. It is necessary to clean the drapes on a regular basis in order to maintain their good condition.

The following are a few tips from the experts at designer curtains Sydney to help take care of your expensive curtains.

Cleaning tips from the experts at designer curtains Sydney

Despite the fact that you might keep the windows closed at all times dust can still buildup on the delicate curtains. One of the easiest ways to avoid the buildup of dirt is to vacuum cleaner your curtains on a regular basis. However it is important to vacuum it properly using a soft bristle attachment.

If there are any embellishments on the curtains make sure that they are secured tightly before you start with the vacuuming process.

It is also necessary that all the dark colored fabrics are not exposed directly to sunlight. If that happens it can actually fade the color and cause damage to the material. You may also want to check the label on the material before you wash the curtains. Do keep the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines in mind.

However there are some drapes which required to be dry clean. It is best to go for a professional cleaning for drapes which are thick and heavy. On the other hand when it comes to light fabrics like linen or cotton this can be washed at home using a good quality detergent. it is best to make use of cool water and mild detergents to ensure that the color does not fade. Before you put the curtains into the washing machine make sure that you take down all the hooks and the embellishments so that they do not get destroyed during the washing process.

If the lining of your curtains are made from different materials it is best to avoid washing them at home. This may cause one of the lining to shrink or hang poorly and can completely ruin the look of your curtains. In such cases it is best to go for dry clean. If the drapes in your home are heavy and are made with plates it is best to avoid hand or machine washing them because this might destroy the shape of the pleat.

Finally when it comes to ironing the curtains or the drapes it is best to do it on the reverse side. If you want to avoid any unwanted creases it is best to iron the curtains before they are completely dry. Once the  ironing is complete you can reattach the embellishments and have them placed back onto the railing.

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